A totally unique concept. PaperTech provides a fully integrated solution to our customers’ paper handling requirements.

A totally unique concept.  PaperTech provides a fully integrated solution to our customers’ paper handling requirements by presenting a complete range of products, services and best possible advice to meet every scenario.

PaperTech has been developed in conjunction with the paper handling industry – with a totally innovative approach to paper handling that takes technology and expertise into a new era. Combining all the essential elements necessary for the safe and easy movement of forestry products, PaperTech encompasses a range of services that include support, service maintenance and a range of state-of-the-art high quality paper roll clamps.

Based on over 35 years’ experience and expertise, B&B Attachments has developed PaperTech to ensure maximum productivity and minimum damage. The PaperTech range of paper roll clamps has been specifically designed to provide in built reliability, low maintenance, high performance and long life expectancy.

  • Capacities ranging from 1200 kg to 12,000 kg
  • Both 360° and 180° rotation design. The 180° design has all the serviceability of 360° rotation whilst retaining the handling benefits of 180° rotation.
  • The 180° operations are equipped with a slow down brake system for improving handling
  • Fixed and positioned short arms allowing handling of reels down to 250mm by the utilisation of the short arms.
  • All arm and cylinder pivot pins and fully greasable
  • Check valves fitted to clamping cylinders to enable pressure checks during service.
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