Autem Vacuum Lifters

Elevating Expectations

The concept was to manufacture cost effective Lifting Machines which will improve health & safety, increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Autem Vacuum Lifters are battery powered and require NO installation making them extremely user friendly with great flexibility and lifting capacity thanks to the state of the art vacuum pumps, which makes them the lifter of choice no matter your industry and lifting requirements.

Vacuum and release are achieved in seconds enhancing your output.


Vacuum lifting has transformed the heavy lifting industry. Vacuum lifting provides safe, efficient, and reliable solutions for your lifting and laying needs.

Through our expert engineering and state-of-the-art vacuum lifting technology we provide enhanced safety features to protect your team and load, as well as reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Vacuum lifters can effortlessly and safely lift any non-porous materials from small scale projects, all the way up to large scale industrial, heavy manufacturing, civil engineering and construction requirements, for lifting and laying steel, wood, concrete, GRP cladding panels, and pipes, up to and beyond 50 tonnes.

  • Fast, safe, efficient
  • Prevents load damage
  • Improves health & safety
  • Reduced labour costs
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