24.01.2024 BIG Forks available from B&B Attachments

BIG Forks available from B&B Attachments

B&B provides a variety of specialist big forks for your forklift truck requirements. Regardless of the load to be moved, or the type of fork connection, B&B offers capacities ranging from 1000kg to 60,000kg with mountings to cover standard ISO class carriages to bespoke connections.

B&B’s big forks are specially forged to handle the largest loads and are ideal for applications within heavy lifting environments especially in the timber industry, steel plants, and port/stevedore operations. Large forks are often made of specialist steel, with extra hardening, and can be manufactured to customer requirements, with various lengths and sizes to suit.

The B&B specialist sales team can survey and measure your requirement and offer customised solutions to suit every task, such as unusual fork sections and tapers, to one off bespoke construction. B&B has the heavy-duty forks for every application, from pin, to roller, to terminal west mounting. If you have a need for forklift forks with quick delivery, contact B&B today with your requirements.